When the Nürnbergers came to Frankfurt

This post is a little bit late. A week late. But this week has been a pretty hectic one for me, including a trip to the tax advisor (the explanation for which will come soon…), so I’ve only just had chance to sit down and write about our visit from the Nürnbergers.

We met Simone and Andi on a night out in Frankfurt back in October, and after chatting non-stop and swapping numbers, we went to visit them in December. Before we knew it, Simone and Andi came to Frankfurt again to see us (and also to experience the party that Andi so loves here in Frankfurt…).

David and I met with them last Saturday and we headed to the Main Tower which I haven’t yet been up despite being here about 5-and-a-half months now. The view was incredible (photos below)! We then went to Sachsenhausen for lunch (I had a Flammkuchen with spinach and goats cheese… bloody delicious!) and split up for the afternoon, meeting back up later on with them and others at a bar for pre drinks before heading out to the club (in total, we were a mixture of 4 nationalities, including a mixture of Nürnberger, Kölner, Hannoveranerin and Frankfurter amongst the Germans). It was generally a new group of people together (it was a mixture of friends, mainly David’s), so it was nice to meet new people over a beer or four. Then we went off to Orange Peel and danced the night away, photos of which I won’t be putting underneath.

As for Frankfurt itself – I seem to be going through the same phases as I did with Hannover. Thinking back now, I didn’t really enjoy myself in Hannover before Christmas. That probably has to do with the fact that I moved 6 times in the space of 4 months. I’m not saying I hated it, I’m just saying I wasn’t not looking forward to the year abroad finishing.

Now that I’m back in Frankfurt after 2 weeks home for Christmas, it’s kind of sinking in now that I do like it here – it was nice to be back with people I know and surroundings I’ve got used to over the past 5 months. Just like in Hannover – I properly enjoyed myself after Christmas when I’d had a break.

So, yes, life in Frankfurt isn’t that bad after all. And a work update will be posted soon…

The view from the top of the Main Tower.
... and again ...
And again.
I can see the Hauptbahnhof from here!
I can see the Hauptbahnhof from here!
Me, Simone, David and Andi.
Me, Simone, David and Andi.
Taking in the view.
Taking in the view.
Some of the gang.
Some of the gang.

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