An Alphabet List of Christmas and New Year

Two years ago for my year abroad blog, to spice things up a bit (i.e. to avoid the diary-like style), I wrote an alphabetical list about my Christmas and New Year at home. It made lots of fun, as a German may say, so I thought I’d do this again. But I’ve given myself the rule that I’m not allowed to copy myself with any of the letters.


A is for A New Start

Very cheesy (and very cheating in terms of the letter) but here’s to a new year and a new start. The end of last year was a bit of a shit one if I’m completely honest, for a variety of reasons. This year is (hopefully) going to be the year I realise what I actually want to do with my life, and that’s including what, where, when, how…


B is for Black Horse

Black Horse is the pub in Exeter where we ended up at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Very random, but we’d been in the Impy and then boogied on down to Vaults, of course.

Excited and ready to go partay.
Excited and ready to go partay.


C is for Card Games

From Bloody Mary to Cards Against Humanity, my 2 weeks at home seemed to be filled with a variety of card games. Do note that playing Cards Against Humanity with your family on Christmas Day probably requires a bit of alcohol beforehand (how the hell my brother knew some of the words I didn’t know I will never know).

"Quick, pretend your playing cards for my photo of the day!"
“Quick, pretend your playing cards for my photo of the day!”


D is for Dentist

Not such a nice one – I went to the dentist. He looked at my teeth for £18.50. Damn me not being a student anymore.


E is for Eggnog

I went to my dad’s on Christmas morning at around 10:30am, and Gilly almost immediately offered me an Eggnog with vodka and lemonade. Us Brits, eh?


F is for Frankie & Benny’s

I managed to go to my favourite northern restaurant (because I’ve never been to Wagamama in the north) twice, once with Babass and Ellie Bean where we exchanged Christmas presents (or rather, they swapped and I just received because I completely failed on the present front for all friends this year). Then we completed our trip with a McFlurry! Shame we didn’t have chance this year to lie to the staff and tell them it was Beccy’s birthday so all the lights would go down and ice cream with candles in would could along, with Happy Birthday blaring out the speakers… maybe next year…

The second time was with my dearest mum which is a tradition when I come home – my treat (so we always go for the lunch deal with free refillable drinks). But of course I’d treat her no matter what the cost ‘cos she’s me mum!

Excitedly opening our presents in Frankie & Benny's.
Excitedly opening our presents in Frankie & Benny’s.
Taking photos in the queue for McDonald's, because we can.
Taking photos in the queue for McDonald’s, because we can.


G is for Green

The colour of my trendy new 4-wheel suitcases, because both my old suitcases lost a wheel each. One of them lost said wheel whilst I was walking through Cologne to the bus stop…

Even Lola can fit in them.
Even Lola can fit in them.


H is for Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek can be quite tiring with my nephew. But, bless his cotton socks, he didn’t quite work out that hiding in the same place over and over again makes it easier for the counter. And also that if Auntie Mel shouts “Where are you, Finlay?”, you probably shouldn’t reply loudly “I’m here”!


I is for Igloo

When I stayed at Heane’s over New Year, she let me stay in her igloo. Well, she calls it her room, but she couldn’t work the radiator out and we might as well have been in an igloo… (I joke, she could work it out, it just didn’t seem to be working properly. Student life, eh!)


J is for JCB

The present that stole all the thunder on Boxing Day when we visited my nephew. Not quite sure why he wouldn’t open a tiny present in the shape of a DVD after opening a big ride-on JCB…

Very excited little man!
Very excited little man!
He was prisoner but he told me to "be nice" and bashed me with a toy wooden log.
He was prisoner but he told me to “be nice” and bashed me with a toy wooden log.


K is for KFC

Monty and me time and of course we had KFC. The chips have changed, but he doesn’t reckon so.


L is for Le Raj

And also a traditional trip to the local Indian happened with my dad and his girlfriend, Gilly. It’s bring your own wine, and Gilly most certainly brought her own wine…

Don't forget - sharing is caring!
Don’t forget – sharing is caring!


M is for Megabus

I travelled to and from England using Megabus. In total I paid £46, which includes a suitcase, too. Not that bad at all! And I made friends too, Laura from Germany and Marc from England, which made the trip go that little bit quicker!


N is for New Year’s Day

I spent the day with Heane and, well, food. And Exeter Cathedral.

Boston Tea Party for breakfast...
Boston Tea Party for breakfast…
...a trip to the Cathedral...
…a trip to the Cathedral…
...and, it was Thursday, so Curry Club at the Impy for dinner!
…and, it was Thursday, so Curry Club at the Impy for dinner!


O is for Omega Ruby

OK, I’m a big kid and bought myself the new Pokémon. And then went to go see Paddington at the cinema.

I'll never grow up.
I’ll never grow up.


P is for Pre-Christmas Dinner

Another annual tradition – Pre-Christmas Dinner at Leigh’s house. It was extremely tasty as usual, it was just a shame I had to leave earlier to catch a train – though I think they were going to play Cards Against Humanity and I just don’t think I’m ready for that with that many people, some of which I don’t know.


Q is for Queen

We listened to the Queen’s speech during Christmas dinner (I couldn’t think of anything else that begins with ‘Q’).


R is for Remembering Revision

On the day I left Exeter, Heane went to campus to start revising for her exams so I joined her to have a look around the campus I left 5 months ago. Most of it hasn’t changed a bit, a small part has. Safe to say though that I got goosebumps when I went to the bottom floor of the library and saw my spot where I revised for exams a whole 7 months ago (wait… what?)

Paint me like one of your French girls.
There are bean bags and a hairdressers and everything!
There are bean bags and a hairdressers and everything!
The Forum with pretty Christmas decorations that they started taking down when me and Heane sat down at our old lunch meeting point.
The Forum with pretty Christmas decorations that they started taking down when me and Heane sat down at our old lunch meeting point.


S is for Snow

Or more ‘lack of Snow’! The only snow I saw all Christmas was from the train in the Sheffield area when I was on my way to Exeter. Gutted! I missed the snow in Frankfurt, too!


T is for Trains

All in all I went on… 9 trains over the Christmas period. I’m not even going to work out how long I spent in total on trains though. Thank God for books and video games.


U is for Up

Innocently heard Olly Murs’ new song on the radio, not knowing it was him, and liked it. Then my mum said it was Olly Murs. Guilty pleasure song of the year. It’s just so happy!


V is for Violence

My brother has this weird thing of trying to lift me up into the air because he can actually do, but it just ends up in us fighting. I’m not looking forward to the day he grows taller than me, if it does ever happen. It was better when we was younger and a wuss and one poke in the ribs to tickle him sent him to Mum crying.


W is for Wagamama

Managed a grand total of two trips to Wagamama, once in London and once in York. I miss you, Katsu. But thanks to Belinda I have bread crumbs, red pickles and the magical golden curry powder to make a Katsu whenever I want here in Germany!

Don't dare touch my red pickles.
Don’t dare touch my red pickles.
Being crazy and going of the vegetarian Katsu (still so good!)
Being crazy and going for the vegetarian Katsu (still so good!)


X is for X-factor

Didn’t the guy who won X-factor get Christmas number one? And isn’t X such a bloody difficult letter to find a word for?


Y is for York

A trip to York to see Beth was lovely. I nearly caught the wrong train back so had to quickly jump off and spend another couple of hours in York – luckily still with Beth as she hadn’t got home when I called her!


Z is for Zoo

The next time I’ll see my sisters, nephew and co. will be in Germany, and (if I am to still be in Frankfurt) the only thing I can think of to do with them so far is the zoo. I’m sure more ideas will appear when plans for them to visit are sorted!

2 thoughts on “An Alphabet List of Christmas and New Year”

  1. Really enjoy your blogs, don’t know were you get your wit from haha. Thought letter X would have commented on you running from the airport x-ray with your pants round your knees. No its a fab blog wish I could do that, be happy mate

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