Diesterweg, Frankfurt

Ei Gude!

“Ei Gude” is, according to the book about Frankfurt I received when I signed up as a citizen, the common greeting here in Frankfurt. But I am yet to hear it actually be used, now 22 days after arriving here. Not that I’m bothered, I’m very happy with knowing people whose accents I actually understand.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, but it’s basically a “sorry I haven’t written in a while but don’t worry I’m still alive”. And let me just say this is so far proving pretty hard to write. I’m not (thankfully) fully accustomed to my German keyboard at work, but that has the disadvantage of therefore struggling to type on an English keyboard. The main problem is that the ‘y’ and ‘z’ key are the other way round. But for an apostrophe you need to hit shift which you don’t on an English keyboard, and there are other minor punctuation things. So I apologise for any bad grammar which may occur!

So an update on work: it’s going really well. I’ve played with computer programmes, done some proof reading, and I also do a tagging pictures task which I quite possibly spoke about in my last post, and that has led me to learn lots of fun and random German words (I think that calls for a separate blog post at some point). My colleagues are wonderful and I’m really starting to feel settled in. And best of all? I’m being sent to Braunschweig at the end of September for a 3-day training course on the computer software I’ll be using in more detail at some point. Braunschweig is in the north of Germany, right next to Hanover! So, way sooner than I thought, I’m heading back up t’North (where I belong) and hopefully I’ll be able to spend a day or so in Hannover, as the training course is Wednesday-Friday. I’m also going to be seeing die beste Mitbewohnerin der Welt, Elsa, and Chris, who’s just about to do his year abroad in Braunschweig, will have also arrived. So it’ll be lovely to see some old faces, and it’ll be the first time I’ve left Frankfurt. Extremely exciting!

An update on flats: I’ve had two viewings. First was no good and the second was soooooo good but they’re still to get in touch. So I’m not going to excite myself by writing about how nice the people were and how nice the flat itself was, but fingers crossed…

An update on social life: I have friends! Yay! Thanks to Facebook, I’m starting to meet more and more people. There are loads of friendly Germans here, from those who have lived here a while who I met at an English Stammtisch, to people who have just moved here which I met at an English Stammtisch. My housemate came back on Monday (though he’s away for the weekend) so I got to know him a little, and my other housemate who came back for just one night last week is coming back tomorrow. I’ve even met a Scotsman – in Frankfurt of all places – who’s new here, too, so it’s nice having someone from the UK to speak to who’s new here. I mean, I can do German, but it’s sometimes just nice to have a good ol’ chat in English! I’m also meeting up with none other than my mentor from Hannover this evening for dinner, as her and her family are coming to Frankfurt for a few days. So I shall be seeing Ilka and her family, along with kids who I haven’t seen in a long while so may have grown a lot tonight for a good catch up which I’m really looking forward to.

I think those are the three main update points. I’m now going to go into town and just splash out on a new phone. Life without internet on the go is not fun (how I did 13 months in Hannover I will never know). I’m also tempted to just get a 24-month contract… I mean, it’s not like I’ll be leaving Germany any time soon, is it?!

To end off, here are some pictures of my new Heimat:

Sums up Frankfurt!
Sums up Frankfurt!
Not such a good photo, but this was the Bahnhofsviertelfest. Typical German - lots of people, lots of food and lots of beer!
Not such a good photo, but this was the Bahnhofsviertelfest. Typical German – lots of people, lots of food and lots of beer!
Having an end-of-week beer along the Main with this view!
Having an end-of-week beer along the Main with this view!
...And the same after sunset.
…And the same after sunset.

1 thought on “Ei Gude!”

  1. The Hessisch dialect isn’t too strong in Frankfurt, but if you visit the Apfelweinkneipen in Sachsenhausen you might be surprised! I hardly understood some of the people there sometimes.

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