Flights are booked.

Hallo meine Lieben!

Flights are booked and I’m ready to leave for Germany. I’ll be flying on 31st July from London City Airport (nope, never heard of it either, but it had cheap flights at decent times in the day so I wasn’t arriving too early or too late in Frankfurt).

I was originally supposed to be starting at Diesterweg on 1st September, but due to the current intern finding a job back here in England, she’s left the company a couple of months earlier than planned. I was then asked by future colleagues if I could start sooner, either beginning of July or beginning of August, so I happily agreed to August with me already having my Zwischenmiete ( is telling me ‘intermediate rent’… basically I’m living in somebody’s room for two months whilst they’re away) sorted from 1st August onwards. So I’ll be starting work a month earlier on Monday 4th August – a month tomorrow. Wow. I’m extremely excited to move back to my favourite country, but of course the nerves a slowly kicking in day by day as the countdown to graduation slowly ticks away. Because graduation then means grad ball, which then means moving home, which then means Frankfurt.

Since my last update blog post I’ve been up to quite a bit despite having finished university. I got my results (very happy!), I’ve been to Cologne (sehr schön, wie immer), and today I did a bit of teaching German at university, as well as a year abroad talk, which included the words “hooker” and “Spotted Dick” (they were A-Level kids so I think it was OK…). Now I have about 10 days of chilling before housemates return ready for graduation excitement/nerves.

Taken from the cable bar over the Rhine.
Taken from the cable car over the Rhine.

So there’s a little update about what’s going on. Thanks for reading, and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are in the world like it is (on and off) here in Exeter!

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