The end of another chapter.

Hello readers, both new and old (hoping I get at least one person who’s reading who read my previous blog, not including my mum)!

I’m going to start this off with a very brief introduction for those new readers – I’m Dan (as you’ve probably guessed from the blog title), and as of 3 days ago I have finished studying German & Maths (or ‘German with Mathematics and Work Abroad’, if you want to be precise – fancy, I know) at the University of Exeter. Having said that, there is of course the chance I have to do re-sits, but I’m hoping I muttered something half decent in my German exams, and in my maths exams… well, I wrote a bunch of numbers which I think I make sense? Yeah… it’ll be fine…

Last year, I spent a wonderful 13 months in the northern German city of Hannover. If you’re interested, I wrote a blog about it which you can be linked to here. It was also called Dan in Deutschland, thus the ‘again’ part of this one. I did also start writing a blog during my final year at university, but after one term it went downhill and I have barely written in it. For those nosey enough and bored enough, you can have a look at it if you want here.

In January, I was lucky enough to be offered a 12-month internship in Frankfurt, working with Diesterweg which is an educational publisher. I’ll be in the English department working on the English textbooks for schools across Germany, so I’m hoping to get some northern-ness in there, with me being from t’Yorkshire (I say ‘tea’ instead of “dinner” and everything). I’ve never been to Frankfurt before (bar one panic due to Deutsche Bahn) so I’m really looking forward to getting to know a new city. I’m moving in August (date to be confirmed) and will be living as a Zwischenmieter (living in somebody’s room whilst they are away and paying their rent) for the first two months whilst I find my feet and find somewhere more permanent.

Before that though, I’ve got just over two months in England. So far the plans are a trip to Alton towers with my two sisters (10 days to go!), getting the new Mario Kart (it’s out today and I’m sat here desperately waiting for the postman), and, of course, graduation, on 15th July. A small trip to Germany or the Netherlands may be on the cards, too, towards the end of June! So hopefully I should get in some fun and interesting posts before moving to Frankfurt.

It’s weird to have now finally finished university. It sunk in perhaps a little too quickly as a jumped up and down the kitchen with two of my housemates (who finished 2 weeks before me), but who cares? It feels good to be able to play video games all day. And not even in German either so I half lose the guilt of wasting my time by learning new German words!

Me and Anne, who had the same last exam. We were very excited!
Me and Anne, who had the same last exam. We were very excited!

That’s all for now as I sit here waiting for the postman for Mario Kart. I’m sure this blog will turn out a lot better than my final year blog which was filled with me purely stressing about work.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to do so as I write about my second year abroad in Deutschland!

(And if you have any better blog title names, I’d very much appreciate suggestions! Not feeling extremely creative this morning!)

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